About Us

Formerly known as „Gemischtwarenladen“ or „Späti“ we have been supplying the Holzmarkt with sweets, salts & tobacco. In 2022 we changed the course, re-branding into 25 Things.

With this Concept lots of exciting possibilities came up.

But first of all, what is a Thing?

To us, a Thing can be anything.


A Thing can be an experience.

A Thing can be a scent, a learning, a conversation.

A Thing can be a candle, a book, or a piece of art.


A Thing is what you make of it.


In our beloved Shop at the entrance of Holzmarkt 25, we want to share with you some of the Things we have found on our journey so far.

Where you'll find us

Our Concept-Späti is located at Holzmarkt in Berlin and will re-open in spring 2023, when we're done with the construction site.

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Being located at the Holzmarkt, having the infamous 25 in our name and selling exclusively licensed Things, it propably makes you guess we are somehow related.

While we’re working closely together, 25 Things is not run, neither managed by the people behind Holzmarkt. Yet, we can not be seperated, one from another.

Along with other artisans, vendors & conepts, such as Weinhandlung am Holzmarkt, Die Backpfeife, Katerschmaus, Holzmarktperle we are but a part of the unique experience Holzmarkt has to offer.

Our Core Values


To be one out of 25, a Thing has to be made with love and
the desire to change the world to the better, even if its just a tiny little

When coming home and looking at the Things you got from us,
our job is done best if there is a story behind being found by something you
have not been looking for.

And if that memory is valuable, and the Things bring joy
into your life, only then we have planted a precious seed in you.


To be one out of 25, a Thing has to be made with respect for the planet we live on.

It is the only one we have, it is home to every single one of us.

While we appreciated and got used to certain Things, we also
had to learn that the consumption of said Things harms our environment.


To make sure not to reach 2.5, not even 1.5, we expect all
our partners to have sustainability declared as a core value to their
philosophy along their whole supply chain.


To be one out of 25, you can not be the 26, while it helps
to be 030.

It’s complicated.


At the same time it is not.

If we feel a Thing suits us, alligns with our core values and
synergizes with the existing assortment, we are excited to get to know who’s
behind the Thing to figure out its place in our curation of Things.